How To Limit Social Media Use

Internet has changed the life style. Most importantly, social media has made much difference in way of sharing and obtaining the information. People share the information through different ways to impress, attract or may be they share news of local small town, city or may be of any part of the world. Even 13 years old kid has the latest update of any part of the world and its just addiction to know that what is happening to anyone. You might be opening again and again any social media app to see the latest updates. Below are the hacks to reduce the social media usage.

limit social media use

Limit the Time Usage Of Social Media Website/App

Best way is to temporary block and make social media app available for specific time. I will list below the app or website blocker for social media of windows, macOS, Android and iPhone. List will include the app with most rated and option to check the social media usage stats

Limit Social Media App in iPhone

For iPhone best app is Keep track of your screen time on iPhone. It have lot of features to break the addiction of phone and any app usage. You will have the app usage with time limit. It have stats to track your sleep and other features to improve the health. You can use another official app, screen time for your iPhone.

Limit Social Media App in Android

For android we have AppBlock that have rating of above 4 in Playstore. Its free and have option to block or temporary block both apps and websites. You can also watch stats to see what you using daily and you can also block the notification.

Limit Social Media Websites in Mac

Apple has created their official app named screen time for macOS. You can use it to limit the usage of Mac of your self and your family.You will have option to add password and exceed the limit of any app or website. Simple and free app by Apple.

Limit/Block Social Media Website in Windows

To block any website in windows, best option would be Cold Turkey. Cold turkey is free with option to see the block the website that may be impossible to unblock the website if any one want to. It have also the option to see the usage of websites.

Set Activity For Your Free Available Time

After limiting the usage of social media its best to set any activity. Having any activity will help to remove the thinking related to social media and will help to break the addiction. Below are some suggestions of activity.

  • Start to learn any skill daily in available time.
  • Start any outdoor course.
  • Set time for exercise or any sports activity.
  • May be give time to your family or friends.
  • Or you can just sleep.

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