Best Racing Wheels for 2024

Every fan of racing game can agree that a racing wheel is required if you truly want to enjoy the racing games. As a result, using a racing wheel can significantly improve your immersion and enjoyment. There are many racing wheels on the market, and you may be confused about which one is best for you. You must consider many factors such as pedal set, gear, and steering. You also have to look for other things in terms of price and performance and then choose from them based on your requirements, so I tried to gather everything in one place and chose the best 5 for you, as well as added their stats to the table to make it easier for you, so check it out.

List Of Best Gaming Racing Wheels

Wheel ModelPriceForce feedbackSteering wheel rotationWheel diameterPedal setCompatibility
Thrustmaster T300 RS GTBelt-driven1080 degrees11 inchesAdjustable three-pedal setPS5, PS4, PC
Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 SpiderBungee cord mechanism240 degrees11 inchesAdjustable two-pedal setXbox Series X/S, Xbox One
Logitech G923TRUEFORCE900 degrees10.2 inchesAdjustable three-pedal setPS5, PS4, PC, Mac
Logitech G29Real Force Feedback900 degrees10.2 inchesAdjustable three-pedal setPS5, PS4, PC, Mac
Logitech G920Dual-motor force feedback900 degrees10.2 inchesAdjustable three-pedal setXbox X,PS5, PS4, PC

Thrustmaster T300 RS GT

Thrustmaster T300 rs - gran turismo edition racing wheel

Because of its belt-driven force feedback, the Thrustmaster T300 RS is one of the best racing wheels on the market. It is only compatible with PS5, PS4, and PC, which is a disadvantage for Xbox gamers. It has a steering wheel rotation of 1080 degrees, which is superior to the competition. The wheel size is 11 inches, which is a little large but functional. It also includes three adjustable metal pedals: metal pedals, accelerator and clutch pedals (height and spacing).

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider is a best racing wheels custom Ferrari racing wheel designed for true car enthusiasts. It features a Bungee cord mechanism for increased linear resistance and more comfortable and intuitive control. Adjustable steering sensitivity, as well as automatic wheel re-centering and a 240° rotation angle, provide incredible precision. It has two metal pedal. Two-pedal set that can be adjusted. and compatible with almost all dives, as well as very simple to install via USB

Logitech G923

Logitech G923 racing wheel and pedals

Logitech G923 is the company’s most recent racing wheel to hit the market. It is based on the most recent TRUEFORCE technology, which connects to game engines to provide high-definition feedback. With this, you will have the ultimate driving experience, with processing at 4000 times per second. The updated Logitech G gear design features premium materials such as a hand-stitched black leather wheel cover and polished metal pedals; enjoy the thrill of driving at home. When playing supported games, it has an adjustable three-pedal set with a programmable dual clutch that simulates real race car launch assist right from the controller.

Logitech G29

Logitech G29 driving force racing wheel

The Logitech G29 is the most affordable model in my lineup; it’s ideal for those on a tight budget who need to shop wisely. You may have to make some performance sacrifices, but the Driving Force simulates driving a real car with precision steering and pressure-sensitive pedals. It has 900 degrees of steering wheel rotation, which is the same as the rest of the models in my series, and a wheel diameter of 10.2 inches. It is only for those who own this device because it is compatible with the PS5, PS4, PC, and Mac. It is a three-pedal set that can be adjusted. These pressure-sensitive nonlinear brake pedals have an adjustable pedal and provide a responsive, accurate braking feel on a sturdy base.

Logitech G920

Logitech G920 driving force racing wheel

The best racing wheels Logitech G920 is the predecessor to the G923. It has a steering wheel rotation of 900 degrees and a wheel diameter of 10.2 inches. It is compatible with all devices, including Xbox X, PS5, PS4, PC, and even Mac. It has Dedicated GPU Cooling, which supports the most recent graphics cards, as well as two additional 120mm fan mounts on the PSU shroud for installing fans for direct airflow to the GPU. It also includes gear support, so those who want gear with their racing wheel should get it. You won’t have to sacrifice much performance, but you will save a lot of money by purchasing this.

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