Bypass Please Sign in Using One of The Owner’s Previous Account For This Device

Google has change their security of android devices. Devices include Motorola, Samsung, xiaomi & other brands will have the security that if some one sign in using other google account, then the previous google account or the previous account password was change within 24 hours. If you have changed the password recently then you can login after 24 hours. To bypass this error without login the account then check the below tutorial. Read some important summary with headings and watch video of full tutorial below.

Add another network

android another network

In welcome screen, connect your WiFi and go back again to the WiFi select option. Select add another network. Type any network name and select the name you wrote. Then click share button or search button if you have it in keyboard.

Use search option

Try to go to android search option or open chrome. install Test DPC app. You wont be able to download this app from google play store. Search on google and download Test DPC app from third party source. Allow app from unknown source. and open test DPC app.

After phone encryption. Your phone will automatically Turn On. Then re start the phone and go to reset setting and erase every thing.

After your phone will restart and you will have option to add any email.

Full tutorial Video

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