FIFA 2023 Unexpected Error on PC

If you have installed FIFA 23 on PC or gaming laptop you may have faced the issue of game not opening up it only showing blank screen but on the backend its running, so no need to worry about that unexpected error(the application encountered an unrecoverable error FIFA 23) as this is a common issue everyone face EA is yet to fix that by themselves, so I have made it easy for you how to fix the issue in steps just follow them and start playing the game. This error usually occur with EA origin app connected with Xbox game pass or may be with steam.

Step 1

Right click on FIFA 2023 icon then open file location

Step 2

Go to installer folder then from open EA anti cheat

Step 3

When you will run the set up you will see something like this so just press uninstall first.

Step 4

After Uninstall is done press install again it will fix the issue.

The application encountered an unrecoverable error FIFA 23 fix video

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