How To Check The Dual Channel Ram Setup

New generation motherboards are now coming with dual or quad channel ram support. To identify whether your setup is supporting the dual channel ram setup, first you should know the difference between single and dual channel ram support.

Understanding of Dual Channel Setup

In simple if your motherboard is using single channel then all your four RAM slot will have four dedicated memory bus that connect your RAM with CPU. In Dual channel setup first two slots will have single dedicated memory bus or you could say memory channel and other two slots will have another single channel. Means for four slots you will have only two channel.

Identify And Dual Channel RAM setup


To setup dual channel with 2 rams out of four slots, you should stick one ram in from first two slots and 2nd ram in third or fourth slot. Both above and below picture is for your understanding. Make sure to search on Google with your motherboard modal to verify if dual channel setup is supported. You wont be able to identify through your windows. After setup you will notice improvement in performance.

Improvement in Performance

The benefit you will get is that your CPU usage will be reduce. Reduction in CPU usage means less lag in gaming and also the less power consumption. However you wont notice more than 10% improvement in performance.

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