How To Fix Graphics Card Artifacts

GPUs are the expensive part of PC build and lot of used GPUs are available in market that used for mining and these GPU performances are decreased. Many gamer’s bought these used graphics cards and face issues like random green dots appearing. The major cause of this issue is due to overclocking of the graphics card. Most possibly you can still fix the issue and these are not dead.

graphic card dot screen

Steps to Fix The Random GPU Dots/Artifacts

  • First check the Div or HDMI cable. These are usually broken and you can check it with other cable.
  • Underclock the GPU as underclocking will reduce the little performance but can fix the issue. As this issue occur when you use GPU with 100 percent performance.  To over and underclock the GPU check the tutorial here.
  • After replace the thermal paste. After 6 month its necessary to replace it with good quality thermal paste as it decrease the GPU temperature and further damage.
  • Uninstall the driver and update the driver from official website. Resetting the windows driver could fix the issue.
  • Clean the dust in Graphics card and re-plug it. Or check the same graphics card in another PC.
  • Artifacts issue may appear due to bad Power supply(PSU) connector. Check with another power supply.
  • And for the last always buy the used graphics card after the stress testing.

Hopefully above tips will probably solve your issue.

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