How To Fix OpenGl Error In Windows 11

OpengGl is important for games like counter strike global offensive, Minecraft etc. hence whatever version your hardware supports you will require updated graphic driver for the old hardware that support windows 11.

Currently not all hardware drivers support windows 11 and other than OpenGl graphics might not look that perfect in game play.  You can see below tutorial that could fix the issue.

Step 1: Search dxdiag and open it









Step 2: Go to display and check your graphic name





Step 3: Search system information and click on it then check system type in my case its 64





Step 4: Combine this 64 bit with your graphic name in my case it came out as Amd Radeon tm graphics 64 bit windows 11, go to official website and download the graphic driver update and you are good to go.












you may not need this in every case but if you have any error regarding OpenGl you should just follow these steps and you are good to go

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