How To Fix Windows 10 Lagging

Windows 10 is now must for your PC or Laptop as the new applications now required windows 10 to be installed in your PC or Laptop. Windows 10 required now more hardware requirement than the previous OPs and many user now face windows to slow down and face freezing issues in windows 10.

Widows 10 Tips to Fix the freezes

Windows 10 lag

Upgrade the Hardware

Windows 10 required now more hardware and most affordability you can fix it by adding the just 120 or 128gb SSD. You can buy 128 GB SSD probably in around in $25. Install just windows 10 in this SSD drive. You can install easily two drives in your Laptop or PC. You can increase the RAM. But just SSD can fix your issue to much extent.

Disable Startup & Uninstall Unnecessary Program

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and it will open the task manager. Go to startup and disable unnecessary program. You will need to have a Admin user access. You probably wont able to do it on your office laptop.

Update Windows 10

Windows 10 performance has improved after their latest update. Just check if any update is pending.

Some Other Tips

  • Perform disk cleanup: It will remove unnecessary files taking your drive space.
  • Do not install other than windows 10 defender anti virus as other may take much resources. Also scan the PC for viruses as they might be slowing down your window..
  • Use simple windows 10 theme.
  • Use ccleaner to remove old files more elegantly and improve the performance.

These above hacks and tips will probably fixes the lag and freeze issue.

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