How To Overclock Monitor Refresh Rate Safely

After the increase in compatibility of Graphics Card and trend in online FPS games. The refresh rate of Monitor is much important as it give edge over the other players plus it give smooth display. Updated drivers of graphic card like AMD Radeon and Nvidia have now option to overclock the refresh rate.

For refresh rate hardware combability of monitor panel is necessary. Most of the 60Hz monitor have hardware ability of around 70hz but these are underclock to 60hz for safety. It always not safe to overclock the monitor to maximum refresh rate but still if your monitor have ability to overclock to 75Hz then its safe to overclock them to atleast 70Hz.

Overclock the Refresh Rate of AMD Radeon

To change the refresh rate, open AMD drivers setting and then press the Display tab.

amd radeon setting

After you will have the custom resolutions tab with create option. Create custom resolution and add overclocked refresh rate like 70Hz instead of 60Hz. If your monitor support the custom refresh rate then the setting will be applied atomically. If not, then settings will revert back to previous after 10 to 15 seconds. Try to apply maximum refresh rate and after set little less than the maximum number. Like 67Hz instead of maximum 70 Hz for safety.

amd radeon custom refresh rate


Overclock the Refresh Rate of Nvidia

To create the custom refresh rate through Nvidia driver. Go to Nvidia control panel and select the Change solution tab under the display.

change resolution nvidia

You will get the customize button. Click the Customize button and test refresh rates that your monitor can be overclocked.
nvidia custom resolution

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