How To Use External Graphics Card In Laptop

Laptops are now much common as they have much mobility and thanks to the technology improvement now you can get the same performance on your small laptop. And you can use your laptop for work and also for high quality gaming. To use external graphics card, you will need three things that are :

  1. Graphics card of any brand like Nvidia or AMD Radeon
  2. PSU(recommended Watt Power Supply)
  3. External Thunderbolt 3/PCI Dock

Pro Tip

You can purchase PSU with external Thunderbolt 3 Dock, so you will need just two gadgets.

How to use external GPU

First two thing is similar to PC but the third one is new. There are two ways to connect. First with thunderbolt 3 Port. If you are purchasing new laptop, then buy laptop with thunderbolt 3 port. Thunderbolt 3 have 40 Gbps speed and that is enough. You can also use mini PCI-E Dock if this port is in your laptop. You can check by opening back side of your laptop and usually where Wi-Fi card is attached.

There are two type of WiFi NGFF and PCI-E cards are attached. Check in your laptop and purchase external dock according to it.

You will need to take out the WiFi. You can use external WiFi USB.

After insert external GPU PCI-E cable

Insert graphics card in external dock and to power up the GPU use power supply. Check below setup.

External GPU Setup Video Tutorial


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