How To Use Shopify With cPanel Email

If you have already website hosted on cPanel or just want to use emails on cPanel then below is the simple few steps tutorial for you.

First you should create addon domain or if you already have your domain in cPanel connected through name-servers, then:

  • Login to Shopify and go to domain settings. Choose existing domain and enter your domain name.
  • After open your website cPanel, go to Zone editor and click manage.
  • Edit A record of your main domain and change your current IP to Shopify IP that you can also find here.
  • Edit CNAME and change from domain name to
  • After go to MX record, then edit your destination from your domain to webmail, like from to Refer below screenshot.

Now verify your connection on Shopify and test your cPanel emails.

You can simply comment here if you still stuck and I will upload tutorial video after few days. I hope this tutorial will be useful and you can use your existing emails in your cPanel.

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