Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Vs 2080 4K Gaming FPS Test

Nvidia recently just lunch their RTX 3000 series. The new series come with big promises that include the increase in performance of 4K gaming of 3080 of upto two time against the rtx 2080. The new card is almost 40% cheaper to previous generation. Considering PC for gaming as an alternative to PS5 and Xbox X series with latest generation graphics card might be the better option. But the promises that the Nvidia made for 4K gaming are true or not. And also buying the 4K LCD with 120Hz worth it. Check the Below FPS benchmarks  in 4K settings.

FPS 4k rtx 3080

GamesRTX 2080 Founders EditionRTX 3080 Founders EditionIncrease
Microsoft Flight Simulator172971
Shadow of the Tomb Raider325778
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (DLSS)659445
CoD: Warzone618539
CoD: Warzone (RT)578040
Gears 5498063
Destiny 2638027
Death Stranding6610356
Death Stranding (DLSS quality)8813553
Control (DLSS quality + RT)507244
Control (RT)234596
Control (DLSS)6711470
Metro Exodus1535133
Metro Exodus (RT)10177
Metro Exodus (DLSS+RT)304963
Metro Exodus (DLSS)60612

These games are played with i7 -7700k 4.2 GHz CPU and 32 Gb 3000MHz Ram


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