Multiple Ways To Take Screenshots In Windows 11

We have identified easy way to get snapshot weather for studying or taking notes, work or any task you are doing. Mostly everyone is looking for easy way to take snapshot or you say screenshot, so lets not waste anytime and check them

Method 1 For Screenshot

windows key + shift + s

Press it together and you can take screenshot, its my favorite one as you don’t need to open any software or anything just press together and you can take SS. after words you can save or copy through ctrl + v. according to your need

Method 2

Snipping tool is another way you can take screenshot just search snipping tool and open it and take Snapshot according to requirement.







Method 3

just press prt sc (print screen) button and it will take snapshot of you whole page and you can paste it anywhere you want Photoshop, Microsoft Pain etc through ctrl + V.

Their you have it 3 easy ways to take Screenshot in windows 11, hope you find this helpful thanks for checking our post

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