Things to Consider Before Buying NVMe M.2 SSD

Latest NVMe M.2 SSDs are now much faster than the normal SSDs. And if you have option in your PC or Laptop motherboard to install M.2 SSD then you should use it to run the latest operating system smoothly. There are few things you should consider before buying M.2 SSD.

m.2 nvme ssd

Supported Generation By Your Motherboard

You must know the generation that your motherboard support. Gen 4×4 is the fastest currently M.2 SSDs available right now. But 4×4 should be supported by your PC motherboard. If your motherboard support 3×4 M.2 SSDs then you should buy them. Motherboard with 4×4 may support 3×4 generation.

Read And Write Speed of SSD

You should check the supported read and write speed of your SSD. some little cheap m.2 SSD read and write speed might be less and you wont be able to utilize full potential. If you buying it for gaming, then you should consider read and write speed.

Maximum Temperature That Can Support Your M.2 SSD

M.2 SSDs are tend to get hot quickly. Some SSDs have capability to handle high temperature.  You might need to consider temperature configuration of your M.2 SSD before buying specially if you buying it for  gaming or any high end use link video rendering. Some SSDs start thermal throttling like by reducing speed to reduce the temperature. You might need to use Thermal as per guideline by M.2 manufacturer to increase the life of M.2 SSD.

Form Factor of M.2

M.2 come in different sizes. There are 2 standard size of M.2 that are 2280 and 2230. 2230 is small in size and your laptop may support small size 2230 M.2 SSD.

Buy Reputed Brad M.2 SSD

M.2 SSDs can get defected easily. You should consider Samsung or highly reputed brand to have a long lifespan of SSD.

Other things you might consider is the pricing. Pricing of M.2 NVMe SSDs are higher .




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