How To Reset Graphics Card BIOS

If your graphics card is under clocked or over clocked and not performing as per your need. Your card is getting Artifacts after few game play or its temperature is rising above the normal, then its better to reset the vBIOS. You can still reset If not detecting by windows 10. Please follow the below steps.

Install GPU-Z to Confirm the Default MHz

Every graphics card have their default MHz or you could say that the available clocked speed. Check if your graphics card is already with default settings. Install GPU-Z and match your graphics card setting with default setting. If not then follow the below setup

Install ATI ATIFlash / AMD VBFlash And NVIDIA NVFlash

With AMD VBFlash you can select any vBIOS and install it to your GPU. To install this driver, go to TECHPOWERUP website download and install the latest setup. .

Download the Default vBIOS

TECHPOWERUP website have the BIOS collection. Find and download your graphics card BIOS.

Load vBIOS image to your Graphics Card

Open AMD VBFlash or Nvidia NVFlash as an administrator. Select your BIOS image that you download for your card. Press Load image and then program to finally reset your GPU vBIOS.

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